Hello, I am Sara the girl behind the camera.

 I started out with my dad's Pentax, black and white film camera at the grand old age of 16. After taking up art design and media in college I spent around 6 months learning to develop film and take photos. I was never good at editing on the computer at that age but i loved the process in developing a negative and seeing the outcome.


Come to the age of 18 my dad brought me a Lumix which I thought was amazing. I then went to embark on a quest to redeem the artistic integrity, I studied retail visual merchandising and came out with an NVQ this filled such a small whole on my artistic flare.... As I got to the age of 21 and purchased my first canon 1100D this was never out of my hand! The start to my love of digital imagery.


Family, friends and even friends of friends wanted to pay for my work, this push me to want to become a photographer, someone who documents time for other people. I got to the age of 25 I purchased my canon 6D my pride and joy this was to help me produce the quality of the images that I had in my head.


I'm still developing and growing my photography style and I would love you to be a part of that. In my eye a couple’s big day is unique, your wedding day is full of your personality, what you love, who you love and who you are. This is what I will capture for you.